ga019 “Introduction to iPS” by CiRA, Kyoto University

A new course titled Introduction to iPS at gacco, one of Japanese MOOC has begun today. At the begging of lectures Prof. Yamanaka, a Nobel Laureate on Biology gave us a short message of encouraging our learnings for four weeks. He is famous as one of the finest person not only for a scientist but also for individual. With his message, I guess, lots of learners get inspired to study harder on the course. I’m one of them and actually today I studied harder than usual. Even though the message was simple and very short, a fact was really important for online learners that a famous and prestigious scientist spent a time for us.

Regard with contents of a few lectures I watched today, they were so attractive for me to get new information that seemed difficult to understand before. For example, I knew the difference between iPS cells and ES cells that got a great attention last year due to uncomfortable reason called Stap problems.”

Besides, I found a basic meaning of Stem cells that create their own bodies by themselves and change their own bodies into more functional ones. These two roles are necessary for a sell to grow up to mature sells. Thus, I really enjoyed studying unfamiliar theme though MOOC.

Here is a reference of gacco.



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